Thursday, 2 October 2008


Thank you for visiting the site and following my progress as a new vegan mother. As it has now been over a year since I became a new vegan I don't feel so new at it, in fact, I feel I have learnt so much I need a bigger place to shout about it and have therefore built a new site which I would love you to visit.

This is more of a magazine than a blog and is still in its early stages. If you have something you feel you could contribute please let me know, otherwise I hope you come and visit me there instead of here.

And if you found this site as you are on a similar journey then please look back at the posts over the year.

I often sound negative about the difficulties faced as a vegan but I would not have my life any other way and feel so rewarded by the choice to not exploit or harm animals in my life. I hope this is something you now or soon will experience as it is a wonderful way to live. Miller and Heidi continue to be happy, healthy and somewhat silly children who love animals and would never knowingly eat them.

I also hope the new site will give more chance for discussion and maybe even a place to make more new and supportive friends,


Jill xxx

PS The new site, Shout Vegan, is named for exactly that reason, sometimes I feel I should apologise for being vegan, then I realised that was just ridiculous, I should shout about it x

PPS Do I ever shut up? But if you want to follow the yoga, then visit my other sites:

And keep up with our artistic efforts at...

Bye x

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