Thursday, 13 March 2008

Magic beans time again...!

Money money money!

Don't you just hate it!

So life is all good and well being a freelance arts educator until you reach a point where your money runs out! So now I am spending very little time wondering what food to choose in the store and more time wondering how the hell I am going to pay for it. It's a frustrating time at the moment as I am working every minute I can, either writing one of my two blogs (this one and my childrens novel, presenting each week, working on youth projects in the local area (eg , trying to build up our art studio (, taking my exams to qualify as an Alexander technique teacher and looking after two small children. All of which I do not get any pay or funding for.

So what are my options when work possibilities don't pan out, like at this moment in time when a few projects have fallen through? I cannot take a part time job for low pay as that will not cover the nursery school fees needed for my children plus I already work every minute I have and refuse to sacrifice what I already do. The truth is that living in a foreign country is frustrating when it comes to seeking financial assistance. Not one artistic project I have applied for funding for has been accepted. See my handteater page (listed above). I tried to get support from every Norwegian grant agency but preference is given to Norwegians. I cannot get support from UK arts boards as I do not live in the UK. I have to date applied for over 10 seperate projects ranging from starting a theatre school in this rural area, to taking puppet productions to kindergardens, to running workshops on scriptwriting, publishing photography for local youth, making an exhibition of traditional art and taking 10 local children to a theatre performance in the next town. I forget the rest. Just so you know, I have a bachelor of arts as an arts educator with a spesialism in childrens and physical theatre, have a masters in scriptwriting and scriptediting for film and tv, an a trained actor, qualified yoga instructor and english teacher. How can I be in this situation?

There. That's my rant. I needed to get it out of my system and there it is. So lets see what I can add to this blog on a more positive note. Well, maybe it would be fitting to discuss living as a vegan on a budget!


That means one thing to me... BEANS....! All varieties including magic ones are on my shopping list. it's a good thing we all love them. Here is my menu for the next goodness knows how long!

Jacket potato with kidney beans and chick peas in a chilli sauce
Baked beans on toast
Brown bean and lentil casserole with onions and potatoes
Bean and lentil soup
Bean and potato pie
Bean Burgers
Bean surprise (That's whatever I have in my cupboards, maybe the surprise is I have run out of beans)

Til next time!


Anonymous said...

For anyone who wants to know what the"Alexander Technique" is, check out Sounds interesting

missblueberry said...

Hey Jill,
Just found your blog and read your rant. I agree - money sucks - esp when you are passionate about art and want to devote your life to it, and to helping others.
If it makes any difference (and it might not) - my mom raised my brother and I as a single mom for many years...put herself through school and we hardly ever had money. We were tight. But, in the end, it made my brother and I the people we are today. I know that it had a huge impact on us - and I know love doesn't buy beans, but your children look super happy and you are doing so much for other people with your writing, art and your voice.
Women with children ARE in a terrible spot if they only want part time work. It is silly. I live in Brussels (a ex pat from Canada) and dred having to think about child care one day.
My thoughts are with you and I am adding you to my blog roll!

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