Friday, 5 October 2007

Feeling alone in the world!

Hi, just a very short note today to say thanks to everyone leaving comments on the blog, I really appreciate your feedback. I am writing this in the car sat outside my office using the wireless connection with my two children in the back getting frustrated at mum! This is because we are rebuilding the home computer and I have no internet access so just wanted to say I will be posting again soon but I may be a bit slow this week!

We've just had a day in Finsness, a small Norwegian town, to stock up on vegan goodies. My daughter kept picking up biscuits in the health shop and not one pack was free from animal products! Lunch consisted of bread as we I could find nothing else vegan in a hurry (Miller is still cranky with the arrival of his first tooth). So next time I know to make a packed lunch!

Better go!

God helg as they say here or 'have a good weekend'!


Marina said...

Ah, yes... teething. Poor thing. My mom used to put a slice of bread in the freezer then give it to me when it was nice and frozen. I would chew on it (or, rather, slobber all over it) and the coldness of it would soothe my gums. Might work for your little one as well. :o)

Jill Forrest said...


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