Thursday, 25 October 2007

This is a norwegian 'pølser'. It is a hot dog and comes in a variety of types made from various concoctions of animals and body parts. It is quite revolting. They are for sale in every petrol/gas station and newsagents. Sometimes they have bacon wrapped around them too. The smell disgusting and make me feel sick when I smell them. There is no escape from them. They are everywhere! I long for a place where I can feel at peace but outside my own home it is impossible. Everywhere I look is evidence of murdered animals. I go to friends and sit on leather sofas and watch people eat cream cakes, I see animal wagons drive past me on the roads, I see sheep huddling around hay bales in the minus temperatures and when I have to stop for petrol/gas, I get the smell of rotting flesh forced upon me.

When will the world sit up and take notice? I don't want to be angry but I can't help feel that way sometimes. It took me this long to realize my way of living was wrong and I changed it. What gets my back up are the people who know what is happening to these defenceless animals but still eat them and use them for their selfish purposes.

Why does my father in law eat Fois Gras when he knows what happens to those poor birds, why does he take pleasure in talking about it and ending the conversation with 'well, they taste so great!' Why does my Dad say that 'tofu' tastes like socks yet will eat veal, baby calf, cruelly separated from it's mother who is denied motherhood and killed before it has chance to know what life is (not infront of me though, that's the honourable thing).

Why does it hurt so much? Because I look at an animal and I believe it has a basic right to live. I believe it has feelings. I believe it has intellegence. I believe as human beings we have got it so wrong.

Peacefully yours,



Marina said...

{{{{Hugs}}}} It can be overwhelming sometimes.

When we moved to the Toronto area last winter, I was blown away by the veggie hotdogs being sold from street carts, complete with relish and chopped onions. I couldn't believe it! I bought one, even though tofu dogs are not much better from a healthy eating standpoint, but it was such a novel experience for me that I just had to do it.

Humans are cultural omnivores. In other words, we're not biologically fit for meat consumption, but like tobacco, refined sugars, alcohol, and a host of other foods and substances, meat is part of various cultures worldwide. Eventually, the fact that we are biologically frugivorous, ovivorous, and insectivorous creatures will eventually make its way into the mainstream, much like the news that the world is not flat, after all, and Earth is not the center of the Universe. It just takes time. Our lives are short, however, and it is unlikely we will see overwhelming changes in our lifetimes, but changes will eventually come.

Jill Forrest said...

I would love a tofu hot dog! Made my own tofu burger mix recently with tofu, breadcrumbs, onions, soy sauce etc... pretty good but my burgers fell apart!

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