Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Vitamin D drops for babies

Another short, succinct post as I just dropped by the site to tweak a few things and plan to write a more informative blog entry tonight when the little ones are snoozing but wanted to share this gem before I forgot it! I ran out of vitamin d drops for Miller a few days ago and it's essential for us - remember also we live in near darkness up here in the winter so can't get vitamin d from the sunshine! I asked Matthew to call at the pharmacy in Tromsø. They didn't have any and the assistant suggested cod liver oil as that particular brand had vitamin d in. Matthew said we were vegan and was told. 'Well, your baby won't get any vitamin d then, will it!' Matthew later said he wondered why some people chose their professions! We got it later from the local pharmacy who had plenty in stock and served us with a smile instead of condemnation.
Peacfully yours,


Billy said...

Wow, the pharmacy had a vegan source of vitamin D in drop form? I would have thought they'd only have vitamin D3 (not D2).

I like your blog a lot. It's a good resource and nice to read. Please keep it up.

By the way, I just did a blog post on my vegan blog about vitamin D: Are you Getting Enough Vitamin D?

I'm glad I came across your blog!

Vegan Mom 2 Lil' Luca said...

by chance do you have a brand name for the vegan vitamin d or a good vegan multi for infants. we are vegans and our little luca has been since conception. he is now 3 months old and i would like to get him going on his vitamin d...especially during these darker days!

thanks a bunch....



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Emma and Hannah said...

I am also a vegan mom of a 6th month old and am looking for vitamin d2 for my son. Can you post what brand you found?

Anonymous said...

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