Saturday, 12 January 2008

It all goes quiet...

Just a brief blog entry to apologise for the absence! Miller has a virul infection and we have been looking after him. It started 4 days after our arrival in the UK and got serious when we had to monitor him in hospital a few days ago. He is recovering now but we are not allowed to fly with him yet so are stuck in limbo in an airport hotel! However, we have been treated to some delicious vegan food courtesy of a good chef! Will write more of our eventful trip later as still tending to our little angel now...But before I go, I had to remind myself I was in manchester UK and not Manchester US when walking around the terminals here...starbucks, garfunkels, tgi fridays..I haven't been gone that long....where did England go?....(not that it was much good in the first place!)


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