Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Aqua massage and snow therapy

It is snowing like you would not believe here today. We had a thaw last week and the roads cleared. We had a feeling it was a bit early and we were right! Each time I go out to get some wood or let the dogs out the snow falls into the porch and we get sweeping! I don't think I can be bothered going out today, clearing the car, warming it up, wading out in my boots with a child on each hip so am in the process of making soup and bread so I can be lazy and stay indoors. I do love this weather actually but today I am a little tired after two and a half hours teaching yoga last night and a full day at Bark (our arts centre) working on scripts and second life collaborations.

Today I wanted to share with you an experience from last week. One of my yoga girls in the next town works in a natural therapy clinic (www.westbytunet.no) . It is a gorgeous place and I took up an offer of trying the new aqua massage and floatation tanks. What a lovely experience that was. First the aqua massage, 15 minutes of pure bliss, especially after an advanced yoga session, you can choose your level, soft, medium, hard or a combination and just let it do its job..and it is good, really good, if you get the opportunity give one a try, chances are you will be hooked! The floatation tanks are very unusual, you get into a pod which is filled like a large bath with warm water and epsom salts. You have to be careful not to get the salt in your eyes and seal any cuts you may have but that's beside the point. You then just let the water hold you, lie back and relax, relax, relax. I stayed in for 20 minute and that was enough for me but you can be in for longer if you wish. It takes a few minutes to actually get used to the idea of being still, if you are anything like me you want to push gently off the sides and imagine you are in space but then again, maybe I'm just strange.

So, what a 'time out'. Highly recommended. What is not recommended is what I did immediately afterwards. So relaxed was I that after being in my car for just 3 minutes after leaving the clinic I encountered a snow drift, decided it was no problem and 1 minute later drove the car off the road, down a ditch and got stuck, had to get out of the car, knee deep in snow which soaked my trousers and went into my boots, walk to the petrol station without gloves as I had forgotten them and wait an hour for someone to come an tow me out!

What I also failed to mention was that I had offered to make a late supper for Matthew and I and had all the ingredients in the car with me so Matthew was sat at home with an empty stomach waiting for me to finish off my silly antics!

I got home at nearly 11pm, cold and a bit shaken with a fading memory of how great I felt not that long before! So we ate and went to bed and fortunately I didn't do much damage to the car, just a wheel wobble which I think is due to some ice stuck somewhere! I did bury the car so no surprize there!

Isn't it nice to know that even vegans can be complete idiots!

Bye x


Floatation Tank said...

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vegatee said...

I love the new picture you put up. Very nice! :o)

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