Tuesday, 5 February 2008

From one thing to the next!

Just as things were starting to regain a sense of normality! Last Sunday Matthew was taken ill and had to be taken by ambulance to hospital for tests. It seems likely he has an infection in his gall bladder, maybe accompanied by gall stones. He is home with us now after 5 days and very weak. However, all being well he will have a full recovery and we must return for more tests in two weeks to check everything has now been resolved. So what a few weeks!

It has been difficult looking after the two children alone. It can be tough not having any family around to call on. The people I do know have been really supportive, offering to get shopping and walk the dogs which was great. It's a different matter asking people to come and look after two children they do not really know, one aged 2, the other just 10 months. So I tried to get the the hospital (and hour and a half drive) when the children were in kindergarten - Miller had a swift introduction and spent 3 days there! Thankfully he really enjoyed it and didn't want to come away! I even borrowed a car one day (thanks Kirsti!) as Matthew had the keys to our old bangor (the only one that currently runs - but not in snow!) in his pocket, he was so out of it that he forgot to leave them when he went in to hospital so I had to borrow a car to go and get the keys!

I think every person I know has asked if his illness was connected to being vegan. The answer is no. Doctors words, not mine!

I now hope we have had enough excitement and am looking forward to a normal life again! Not to mention I had to cancel my work (that took care of most of January - I think I clocked up 3 hours) and being freelance don't get any pay so beans on toast for a few weeks for us! Stay positive, isn't that what I'm supposed to do?!

Til next time!


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